About Café Noir

The unique atmosphere of Café Noir – an intimate bistro in the heart of Tel Aviv – combines European culture with a Tel Aviv experience at one of the city’s most charming corners. At Café Noir one feels the pulse of the city. The atmosphere changes with the time of day:  lunch is always bustling and evenings are romantic and sexy. The menu offers classic, familiar dishes (like the iconic schnitzel), lovingly prepared from top-notch ingredients, along with more modern specials of fresh, seasonal ingredients.


Café Noir opened in 1997 when Rafi Bader, along with childhood friend Gideon Eliyahu, came together to establish a restaurant in the burgeoning center of Tel Aviv. They aimed to create a place that would combine a European food tradition with the tastes and atmosphere desired by a Tel Aviv clientele. The menu, like the city’s tastes, has expanded since the restaurant’s early days. Café Noir has remained a second home to many Tel Aviv residents, as well as a landmark to visitors.